ACORUS, z. ú.

                    pomoc osobám ohroženým domácím násilím




•    We provide crisis accommodation in the ACORUS safe house for women and mothers with childfren who find themselves in a crisis situation as a consequence of their violent relationship.

•    We provide long-term accommodation (a stay of up to 1 year) in the safe house where victims of domestic violence are provided with intensive social, legal, psychological and pedagogical help and therapies.

•    ACORUS runs a Counselling Centre in Prague 7 where we offer legal counselling, psychological and psychotherapeutic help (individual and group therapy).  Services are provided free of charge and anonymously.

•    We also provide"half-way" accommodation. ACORUS runs two flats for women and their children who have finished their stay in the safe house, but have not yet resolved their housing and still need further assistance from ACORUS.

•    ACORUS offers legal information to victims of criminal acts in the context of domestic violence. For this service, we received an accreditation from the Czech Ministry of Justice in 2013.

•    We also operate a non-stop hotline (phone number: 283 892 772), where victims, their relatives or friends, and also professionals working with them can get advice and support for solving immediate violent situations.

•    Our training programs are accreditedby the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. They are designed for professionals who are in contact with people endangered by domestic violence.

•    ACORUS is active in the area of prevention, too. We offer lectures for high school students. The aim is to help students to recognize early signs of a potentially violent relationship. The students also learn how to deal with a person (a friend, school mate, parent) who is already a victim of domestic violence.

•    We also raise awareness about domestic violence in the Czech society through different events and media. For example, each September we organize Charity Walk Against Domestic Violence "Šlapeme násilí na paty" which takes place in Divoká Šárka in Prague 6.